Fuck Yeah Fic Recommendations.
12 February 2012 @ 11:42 AM


Almost Anyone by amo_amare
"The greatest shock of a dead body is how ordinary it looks." And how ordinary it becomes.

Death And The Maiden by suchaprince
He’d been obsessing over the girl since he watched her wade through a river, collecting rocks and inhaling water.
WORD COUNT: 6,663.

He Saved The Last Dance For Me by brief
He gives you an entirely new life in a neat little manila folder. He’s chosen everything about you, down to the very last details – he’s been so meticulous, so precise, and you can tell between each and every line that he has enjoyed creating you from the ground up. (This is how you meet. This is how you work. This is how you love. And this, this is how it ends.)
WORD COUNT: 3,129.

His Dark Mistress by amo_amare
In which Moriarty meets his match.

Home Is Where by mad_maudlin
"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." "I should have called it something you somehow haven’t to deserve."
WORD COUNT: 2,144.

Strings by dysnomiae
Jim falls in love with Molly, but it’s “love” the best way Jim knows how to handle it. Which is to say, with entitlement issues.
WORD COUNT: 1,703. 

The Number Is by randombattlecry
At the Fox. About six o’clock. A conversation happens. This could be more, if she wanted it to be more, if she made it more. It could be something beyond a workplace in common and secrets and a shared affinity for furry creatures and the fact that her favorite shirt wasn’t just hiding in the closet after all.
WORD COUNT: 2,935. 

The Rules Are by randombattlecry
"Let’s play a game," says Jim, but Molly knows they’re already playing, have been for weeks now. As he bends to kiss the hollow of her throat, her fingers curl around the rough wool of the striped jumper, and she thinks she’s finally beginning to grasp the rules.
WORD COUNT: 1,369. 

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